Flamenco dance classes are still available in an outside setting. (These are really good fun, even if you need to wrap up) Also private tutorials and live sessions available online. Get in touch!

The April "Understanding Flamenco" is suspended. Please press the button below for more info on future sessions.

Private on-line sessions are available to help you use your time to improve your flamenco knowledge and abilities.

 please call Uri on

07 901 500 698



Welcome to the world of

Please be advised that the debut tour of our new production Echoes, has been postponed until April 2021.

Don't worry if you bought tickets.

The theatres will be getting in touch soon about the available options.

We hope to see you in April.

A brand new Mi Flamenco production. Touring for the first time in March / April 2020.

For more details and bookings check out our performance diary.

Everything we experience leaves an indelible imprint... A trace... An echo.


Mi Flamenco's evocative new production, "Echoes", combines engaging imagery, emotive flamenco dance and soul-stirring music and voice.


Blending personal reflections of Spain with the power and poise of flamenco, these skilled dancers and musicians give audiences a very particular vision through Mi Flamenco's artistic lens.


Lose yourself in an immersive experience of flamenco sights and sounds.