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Although Mi Flamenco raises some funds through ticket sales, we are a small charity which largely depends on funding and donations to fulfill its charitable objectives. You can help by donating a small amount to enable us to carry out invaluable work with vulnerable adults in our community.

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Current Funding Priority



Following the success of FATHOM Phase 1 in 2014 (supported by Pavilion Dance South West) and Phase 2 in 2016 (both phases funded by Awards for All), we are now embarking on a new project, MOVING TOWARDS HEALTH.

What are the aims of MOVNG TOWARDS HEALTH?

Innovative and life-changing workshops and activities for vulnerable adults in Boscombe, Dorset (top 0.3% of multiple deprivation indices in England.)

MTH builds on the FATHOM project, but offers more physical, adventurous and confidence-boosting activities, encouraging more social interaction, better life skills, and positive life attitudes, as a base for healthier lives and more social inclusion.

Big Lottery funding has enabled us to work with addicts and alcoholics in recovery and adults with mental health issues. The project involves team discussions, performance planning, movement, dance, rhythm practice and visual storytelling, with an aim to express the often inexpressible, boost confidence and enable these individuals to gain an equal footing in their community.

We have now completed the workshop stage and Dec 18th till 22nd 2017 we are in Pavilion Dance, Bournemouth for our creative week with the community groups. 

Your donation will enable Mi Flamenco

to provide more opportunities to participate and collaborate in interesting, educational and inspiring flamenco activities and

create inspiring, quality performance.


Please watch this short documentary to see the difference our projects make to people's lives





















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