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Ester and Uri  are professional  flamenco performers and  co-producers of international flamenco  company, Mi Flamenco.

Mi Flamenco  has its origins in Jerez de La Frontera in Andalucia, where Ester and Uri lived for many years and where they still have their second home.​


Ester, principal dancer with Mi Flamenco, offers dance-orientated cultural workshops for all age ranges. All workshops can be taliored to suit individual needs and to fit in with class times and curriculum content. Workshops include flamenco “compas” (rhythms), “palmas” (handclapping), footwork, coordination and movement, all of which are accompanied by live flamenco guitar. The students are encouraged to explore simple 

flamenco movements and steps, which are put into a manageable choreography. The workshops are aimed at widening the schoolchildren’s or young adults’ experience of dance and culture, through sampling the ethnic form of flamenco dance. Their aim is also to boost confidence levels in the medium of dance and to increase cultural awareness.

Flamenco is a strong dance form with masculine and feminine elements; therefore appealing to, and suitable for, both boys and girls. All workshops are age-appropriate     and Ester has valuable experience in teaching children from as young as reception age right through to adult classes.


Uri is principal guitarist with Mi Flamenco. Apart from accompanying the dance courses, he gives workshops in his own right. Uri’s workshops are music-orientated. Workshop     content is dependent on the requirements of the school or educational establishment. They can take the form of specific guitar workshops for students already studying the guitar, or can be opened up to a whole host of music students, keen to widen their horizons and explore different sounds and rhythms. Depending on the direction the school wishes to take, the workshops are tailored in content to include: the background of flamenco, “palmas” (handclapping), rhythms, and flamenco guitar technique where appropriate (for guitar students only). Where suitable, workshops can lead to team-building, whereby students of different musical backgrounds and instrument skills learn to play a short flamenco piece together.

Students who don’t play an instrument are also very welcome to participate, learning flamenco “palmas” (hanclapping) and the exciting rhythms unique to flamenco. These workshops really stretch the students rhythmically, and give them an interesting opening to world music.




These workshops, or a combination of both, can be used to enrich the following curriculum areas: Music, Dance, P.E., Spanish, History, Theatre, Textiles (costumes)..etc. Alternatively, the whole experience can be packaged into an extra-curricular activity, or be included as part of a specific cultural event.


Where there is availability to a theatre or suitable performance space, performances with Mi Flamenco can also be arranged, as part of the overall Spanish flamenco experience. Mi flamenco performs with a minimum of 4 artists (full group 8), all of which are highly-skilled professionals dedicated to the art of flamenco. Please don’t hesitate  to contact us with enquiries on how to combine workshops and performances. 


For more information please contact us via our CONTACT page

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