We are back in the studio!
See below for details.

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”

(Martha Graham)


Ester’s Flamenco Dance Classes:


In my classes the emphasis is as much on “compas” (rhythm) and understanding of flamenco and its rich elements, as it is choreography and technique.

I hope to lead the student into a deeper understanding of flamenco in the firm belief that only this will enrich the dancer’s own expression and enable him/her to develop fully.

The wonderful and unique thing about flamenco is that it comes from deep within…it transcends age, shape and size. Absolutely everyone is welcome to experience this passionate art form.

I also detail the necessary technique so that each dancer has the necessary tools with which to work, and the vocabulary needed to express themselves in a flamenco way.

Here below are the regular class times, but please check out one-off workshops, monthly classes and specialist classes in Bata de Cola, Manton etc on the Workshops Page.



Back in the studio on a Monday night from Oct 4th.

Initially, I will be restarting with 2 levels: 

7.30 pm Improvers/Intermediate

8.30 pm Intermediate/Advanced

I am currently capping the class capacity to 8, so any newcomers will need to contact me directly to reserve a space. 


If interested in starting flamenco dance from scratch, please get in touch, as I am planning on doing this soon. 



Monday's classes are being held at Forest Arts Centre
Old Milton Road
New Milton
BH25 6DS


Mondays 7.30 pm - 8.30 pm



Mondays 8.30 pm - 9.30 pm 


No other levels are currently available, but I am collecting names for a new beginners' class, so get in touch!

 If you are interested in specialised or one-off workshops, please click on the link to go to the WORKSHOPS page.


For all information about classes and private lessons, please contact Ester on 0788 401 44 83


 Due to Covid-19, dance classes are only happening outside. Classes taking place in all weathers, except heavy rain. Fun, dynamic and safe classes happening now. Interested? Get in touch!

All levels available!

Before attending, please contact Ester via the contact page, or by calling directly on 0788 401 4483