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Charity Details:


Charity Number: 1153694


Jacqueline Bronzite (Chair)

Lorna Glenwright

Sarah Ellis

Mi Flamenco became a registered charity in 2013.

We believe in the power of the arts to transform people’s lives, whether through experiencing quality work as an audience member, or through participation.

Flamenco is an art form relevant to a wide range of individuals, and deserves to be seen and experienced by an audience as diverse and numerous as other arts.

Our mission:

To create flamenco performance of the highest quality, with high calibre artists, reaching wider audiences.

To actively seek out groups who could benefit from access to arts activities of the highest standard. To use flamenco activities as a tool to reduce social exclusion and increase mental and physical well-being. To provide opportunities for artistic participation and learning, regardless of ability, disability or disadvantage, social or economic circumstances or age.


The origins of flamenco lie in the hardship and persecution of the Spanish flamenco gypsies. Activities and contact with flamenco music, dance, culture and our gyspy artists themselves – because of these origins – have the power to create common ground with marginalised groups, breaking down barriers, promoting healthier, confident individuals & greater social inclusion. Flamenco enables us to reach particularly hard-to-reach groups and those who would not ordinarily have access to quality arts.

Through performance and outreach work, we strive for quality that is both exceptional and accessible.

We are currently in our fourth year of Mi Flamenco’s Outreach Programme, which focusses on socially-excluded communities. (Please click on the link to go to our PROJECTS page for more information.) This programme combines workshop sessions (tailor-made to address the individual needs of the groups) and performances. Our programme-related performances aim to inspire, educate and entertain, whilst often raising awareness of important social issues.


Groups who have benefitted from Mi Flamenco’s outreach work so far:


The Butterfly Foundation (helping victims of Domestic Abuse) – Dance Workshops– part of our project FATHOM phase 1. Funded by Awards for All.


Vita Nova (helping addicts/alcoholics in recovery and adults with mental health issues.) Collaborative creative sessions – part of our project FATHOM phase 1. and Phase 2 Funded by Awards for All.

Group of mixed needs - mental health issues, addiction, physical disability. Workshops and a creative collaboration week, supported by Pavilion Dance Bournemouth. MOVING TOWARDS HEALTH was our most ambitious project to date, in which team work and the collaborative experience was the main aim. Supporting those in recovery and raising self esteem towards healthier lives. 


FATHOM Outreach Project - A Short Documentary


A BIG THANK YOU to all those who made donations during our autumn 2016 and spring 2017 INCOGNITO tours. Thank you to those who approached our charity table and found out about the outreach work we do. Because of you, we are able to offer workshops this summer to vulnerable adults with mental health issues. 


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