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Sound technique and flamenco “compas” (rhythm) is what gives a flamenco guitarist a solid foundation.

However, flamenco guitar stretches way beyond this.

There are endless exciting things to discover: dance and singing accompanimment, and the unspoken language of flamenco, which allows the artists (singers, guitarists, dancers, palmeros etc.) to communicate with eachother in a way that gives flamenco its spontaneous and vibrant feel.

I give regular flamenco guitar lessons in the Bournemouth and Dorset area. In my classes, I aim to bring flamenco guitar in all its wonderful aspects, to students of all levels.

Whether just starting out with the guitar, or whether an experienced guitarist of another style, curious about flamenco, there is a class for you.


The classes are methodical and give the student strong foundations for further advancement.

All different aspects of flamenco and flamenco guitar are covered: technique, compas (rhythm) and palmas (hand clapping), solo guitar, singing accompaniment, dance accompaniment, toques (the different styles), conocimiento flamenco (knowledge about flamenco and its culture) and more.


I give individual tuition as well as running several group classes for various levels and aspects of flamenco. 


For all enquiries, contact Uri on 07901 500 698

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