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Mi Flamenco is an established flamenco company, believing in quality, inspirational flamenco performance.

We aim for authenticity and impact through emotive, exciting performances; combining virtuoso guitar, powerful voice and thrilling dance; all executed by 4 – 8 highly-skilled artists.

Our inspiration comes from how flamenco speaks to us, and we are constantly evolving to find ways of expressing that voice to our audiences; to intrigue and inspire.

Our smaller performances are usually served “straight-up”, with all the flamenco thrills and spills you would expect in an intimate setting.

Our theatre shows contain the same strong, powerful flamenco performance, but often contain some innovative spice thrown in.

Whichever way you experience Mi Flamenco, we hope you enjoy the journey….

For private bookings, or general enquiries, please click on the link to go to our CONTACT page.

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