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This is our latest production which opened in June 2022. We are now on our 4th tour of Echoes in June 2024. All tickets now on sale!

This is Mi Flamenco's first multimedia production.

Everything we experience leaves an indelible imprint... A trace... An echo.

Mi Flamenco's evocative new production, "Echoes", combines engaging imagery, emotive flamenco dance and soul-stirring music and voice.

 Blending personal reflections of Spain with the power and poise of flamenco, these skilled dancers and musicians give audiences a very particular vision through Mi Flamenco's artistic lens.

Lose yourself in an immersive experience of flamenco sights and sounds.



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FATHOM was a project funded by Big Lottery, Awards for All, which enabled us to reach out to vulnerable members of our community, who were in recovery or suffering from mental health issues and the trauma of domestic abuse. We received two lots of funding from Awards For All for Phase 1 and phase 2. These phases are now complete.  Both phases helped us to develop our relationship with these groups, through unique creative sessions. We explored what it means to be marginalised by society and how to express this through narrative, music and dance. 

The FATHOM project involved workshops and Stage 1 also involved the creation of a performance piece, exploring social deprivation issues and parallels that run between marginalised communities here in the UK and that of the Spanish flamenco gypsies.  This piece used physical theatre techniques, narrative, flamenco-orientated dance and original music composed by our lead guitarist, Uri Tal. The stories from deprived communities were the source of this piece.

Pavilion Dance South West’s support was vital in Phase 1, which included an Artists in Residency week and a showing of the work-in-progress. 

The power of the arts to reach people is underestimated. Our aim is to reach out into troubled communities to heal, include and inspire. Thank you to Awards for All for making this possible.

If you would like to know more about these projects, please CONTACT us and if you would like to know more details on how to support us in our work, please go to our SUPPORT US page.



As part of the Research and Development stage of FATHOM (Phase 1), our artists and a few community members took part in an intense 5 day Artists Residency at  Pavilion Dance South West.

Using material and inspiration from other areas of the project, we explored performance pieces, experimenting with flamenco and other artistic forms, under the aegis of our Director Lee Hart. 

We did a work-in-progress presentation at Pavilion Dance South West and invited feedback from a small audience. You can hear some of this feedback and see excerpts from that

work-in-progress presentation in the video below.


Excerpts from R & D stage at Artists Residency Pavilion Dance South West 



Our prodution, Incognito, is a show with all the spirit of authentic, pulsating flamenco, intertwined with the unexpected. Exciting, moving flamenco dance, powerful song, virtuoso guitar and cello; with lots of charm, imagination and theatre thrown in. A passionate spectacle for dance, music and theatre-lovers everywhere.


Ester Tal – Producer and Artistic Director of Mi Flamenco – talks about the company’s new production, INCOGNITO:


“This show embraces what flamenco is, and invites the audience into intimate spaces with the artists. Incognito embraces a sense of theatre - and flamenco's drama, beauty, intrigue, narrative and humour.

This new production keeps the flamenco authentic, but simultaneously reaches out to new audiences in new ways. We think that there are many people out there, who have not experienced quality flamenco, and maybe have a stereotypical idea of what it is. INCOGNITO is unexpected, with moments of delight and beauty that we hope will go towards changing this."


Read what audiences are saying about Incognito:

“Fantastic, amazing, and passionate. Absolutely loved it!”


“Beautiful to watch. A great first experience of flamenco.”


“Brilliant story-telling. Excellent mix of music – so creative – can’t wait for more!”



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