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MTH built on the FATHOM project (see below), but offered more physical, adventurous and confidence-boosting activities, encouraging more social interaction, better life skills, and positive life attitudes, as a base for healthier lives and more social inclusion. 

MTH consisted of innovative and life-changing workshops and activities for individuals with mental health issues and in recovery from addiction. This involved discussions, performance planning, movement, dance, rhythm practice and visual storytelling, with an aim to express the often inexpressible, boost confidence and enable these individuals to gain an equal footing in their community.

Thank you Big Lottery and thank you Pavilion Dance Bournemouth for your support to help Mi Flamenco make lives better. 

And thanks to all the participants for their collaboration, warmth and talent!


2018: INCOGNITO Spring Tour

2017: INCOGNITO Autumn Tour

2017: INCOGNITO Spring Tour


2016: INCOGNITO Summer Tour

2016: FATHOM Phase 2 Funded by Awards for All



2015: FRESCO Mini tour introducing our new dancer, Carlos Velazquez.


2014: FATHOM Phase 1 Supported by Pavilion Dance South West and funded by Awards for All.


2014: SENTIMIENTO - Tour of South West & South of England. Exploration of innovative use of props and feelings within the context of flamenco form.


2010: UNEARTHED (Revised) – A performance adventure into weather, darkness and light. Premiered at Trinity Laban.


2007: UNEARTHED (Original) – An initial exploration of weather themes and flamenco interpretation.

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